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Our Spring Fundraiser was a HUGE success.  Thank you to everyone for supporting our school.  We raised a total of $26,386!  The winner was announced on Friday, May 17th.  Congrats to Leanne Vaters for winning the prize of $5000.00!  

A big shout out to Andrew Vaters for selling the winning ticket and for Thomas Hammond for selling the most tickets.  Andrew is now $100 richer and Thomas has certainly earned the prize of $400 for selling a total of 301 tickets by himself.  Way to go!

School information:

There will be no school for students - June 7, due to teacher PD.

Back to school start up resources (2023-24):

-          It’s Not You. Phones are Designed to be Addicting - Vox

-          How Social Media Influences the Mental and Behavioral Health of Children age 13 to 17 - Children’s Wisconsin

-          Social Media Dangers Documentary – Childhood 2.0 Bark: This documentary contains mature subject matter and should be viewed with children through the discretion of parents. The topics are heavy and may generate some tough discussions and questions. 

Student Absence Reporting System:

School Payments:

Beaconsfield Junior High is currently using RYCOR, a new online payment and forms system. This system makes it more convenient for parents/guardians and the school community to complete forms and make payments online using any smart device. RYCOR integrates with Powerschool to make things as simple as possible for parents. It accepts the following methods of payment:

(Payment online is strongly encouraged, however cash/cheque will still be accepted in unique circumstances)

Rycor (Online Payments & Forms) 

RYCOR will allow parents/guardians to view their completed forms and payment history. A parent/guardian RYCOR account will include any school-aged children in your household,  regardless of the school they attend.

Student Chromebooks:  

Lunch Session:  

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Tests and Assignments 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Tests and Assignments 

Allergy Alert 

(In progress)


Tree Nuts


Fish (Seafood)



Bell Schedule

Doors open at 7:45am

8:00 - 8:10 Homeroom

8:12 - 9:10 Period 1

9:12 - 10:10 Period 2

10:10- 10:20 Nutrition break 

10:22 - 11:20 Period 3

11:20 - 12:10 Lunch 

12:12 - 1:10 Period 4

1:12 - 2:10 Period 5

**If you receive a message from the school indicating that your child has been absent during Period 6, this means that they were not present during the Homeroom session.**

Student Absenteeism