Le succès est la somme de tous

les petits efforts répétés.


Curriculum Description for Core French as provided by the Department of Education: Intermediate

Curriculum Description for French Immersion as provided by the Department of Education: Francais en immersion a l’intermediaire

Course Descriptors, including marking scheme as provided by the NLESD:

Core French 7, 8 & 9

Français 7 EFI

Français 7 LFI

Français 8 EFI

Français 8 LFI

Français 9 EFI

Français 9 LFI

The English School District offers a variety of French programs to help students achieve the ability to know a second language. These programs range from common classroom French classes to full French immersion. To learn more on what we offer, please select one of the following:

Early French Immersion (EFI) Program

Intensive Core French (ICF)

Late French Immersion (LFI)

French Language Programs (Dept. of Education)

District French Immersion School Directory

Early French Immersion School Feeder System

Late French Immersion School Feeder System

If you are inquiring about French Immersion, please contact the Program Specialist(s) for French Programs (Early and late French Immersion) in your region.

Avalon Region FI Contacts

All District FI Contacts